AMC Liquidators



Retail Sales Associate

Retail Sales

Tamarac, FL

Position Summary:

Greet and assist customers on the showroom floor and process sales transactions.

Answer questions, provide recommendations, and build customer relationships.

Maintain a working knowledge of current inventory and availability.

Possess a polite, friendly, and outgoing personality.

Understand our company's target markets and know how to appeal to them.

Help to maintain overall showroom presentation.

Proactively develop leads by making daily phone calls to potential and previous customers.

Assist customers and other sales associates during a sale.

Communicate in a professional manner with employees and customers at all times.

Assist sales associates with maximizing sales opportunities.

Additional Sales Responsibilities

  • Provide field and retail data gathered from leads, prospects, and loyal customers supporting creative and consistent messaging that result in ever-increasing revenues.
  • Serve both internal and external clients with prompt, consistent customer service that results in ever-increasing revenue and as it’s leader, you will be expected to model that service intention always.
  • As a Retail Sales Associate, you will tell the story of AMC as furniture liquidators, furniture restoration specialists and recyclers in both the B2B and B2C marketplace to identify prospects, convert them to customers, and then ensure their loyalty and ongoing purchase activity.
  • Participate in networking activities as assigned.
  • Become the in-house “expert” on retail sales and constantly be suggesting ways to management, for us to improve.
  • Provide input to the Retail Sales Manager for generating new ideas for the development of sales through state of the art marketing concepts with highly anticipated ROI in all cases, with marketing differentiating us from our competitors.
  • Develop loyal customers. Our goal is 100% customer satisfaction.
  • Know our competition—Regular review of their websites and activities as available.

Position Requirements


Must be proficient in software such as Microsoft Word, Outlook, Publisher, Excel, and PowerPoint. In addition, you will be expected to fully learn and understand all functionality within NetSuite as it pertains to your role in sales.